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Being a Hero


I had the opportunity to be a hero Saturday.

By mid afternoon the patio of the winery was full of people, and we even had a party of 7 on the berm sipping Chardonnay. I was clearing tables, pouring refills, and engaging in light conversation between tables before walking back into the tasting room to find the other two servers in conversation.

“Well maybe they were turned away for a good reason. I don’t want a loud bunch of bridesmaids disturbing our guests.” Lynda had worked at the winery for many years and had seen her share of drunken bar crawls through the tasting room.

Holly nodded and began to uncover the mic on the phone in her hand.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

Holly covered the mic again for the rehashing, “A party of 8 bridesmaids want to know if we can have them on late notice, they just got turned away from a winery a few miles down the road because they didn’t have a reservation. They want us to ‘make is special’ for the bride.”

Lynda jumped in, “And we can turn them away too, we ask for a reservation if you come with six or more.”

I looked around the empty tasting room, “I’ll take care of them. We can set them up in here so they don’t disturb the other guests.