Robert Whiting In search of awesome

The sword


Danny stared at the sword. The black blade shimmered and seemed to move ever so slightly in one direction–like clouds. The entire sword appeared to be made of a dark wood inlaid with thin swirls of gold, silver, and several metals he didn’t recognize: a metallic blue, a stony red, and a semi translucent green. The four colors mesmerized him as he traced their swirling current from hilt to tip. Finally, he set the sword back in the amazon box atop the picnic table.

Who would send me a sword? And how did this girl get ahold of it?

These are mysteries he would never discover.

“Hey!” Danny glared up at the sky.


“You can’t just paint yourself into a corner like that. What if I do figure it out?”

I doubt it.

“Watch me.” With that, Danny turned over the box lid to the address sticker.

From: Destiny Marsh 2810 Burg St. Plainsville, Indiana

To: Danny Rocket C/O Candy Nymph, Boise River, ID

“How did this even get delivered?”

Candy, who had busied herself with making duck faces at her phone, leaned over to look at the address, “Oh, UPS delivers packages to me all the time. I never could convince them to just throw them in the river, so I have a drop zone set up with them.”

“Who is Destiny Marsh? And why is she sending me a sword?” Candy started to answer, but Danny interrupted, “Better question: who are you, and why is someone delivering mail to me through you?”

“Well, I’m Candy, and you can’t just send something like that to someone’s house. What if the wrong person activated the sword? The bond would get all messed up, and they’d probably have to start whiting out parts of the prophecy.”

“But she sent it UPS, in an Amazon Prime box.”

“Yes, but I had to make sure you signed for it. All magical items have to be signed for.” She stated at Danny defiantly for a few seconds and then jumped, “Oh, you haven’t signed for it!” Her attention returned to her phone for a few moments and then offered it to Danny. “Sign here.”

Danny looked at the signature line, then signed on the screen.

Candy poked and prodded at her phone and then spoke idly, “Great, now that you’ve accepted Encalibur, you should report to the Seated Council and officially take on the title of True High Mage of the Northern Kingdoms. They’re pretty impatient, so don’t doddle.”

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