Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Bear epidemic


“Do you think they’re gone?” Jimmy asked as he paced the parking garage stairwell landing.

Danny stood by the door, watching out the reinforced window down at the street below. “Depends on if they were just running through or wanted to move in.”

“And why bears? What could possibly make so many of them leave the mountains all at once? I didn’t even think Idaho had that many bears.”

“Well, there’s another one. It looks like it’s looking for people.” Danny gripped the bloodied sword by the hilt. “They’re not acting like bears at all.”

“So what? Like, genetically enhanced bears? Russian attack bears?”

Danny turned to look at his older brother, “Jimmy, get a grip. Take some deep breaths.” A distant thud.

Jimmy stopped pacing, turned on his heel an stared at Danny. “A bear nearly took my head off in a coffee shop two blocks from a city center, and not just one lost bear Danny boy. A herd of giant grizzlies. A herd. Of grizzly bears. In Boise.”

“Well your panicking isn’t helping anything.” A distant thud.

Holding up his hand, Jimmy said, “Did you hear that?” Then they definitely heard a door crunch off its hinges six floors below followed by a quick shuffling, clicking, and heavy breathing.

“They’re coming.”

And I’m out of time.

“Wait, out of time for what?”

At the coffee shop, it’s time to go home. I’ll have to pick up later. Good luck with the bear.

The sidekick <= Danny Rocket => King of the bears