Robert Whiting In search of awesome

King of the bears


Still in shock, Danny sat on the bear as it lumbered through the sagebrush up and away from Boise. The once bright red blood that had covered most of his torso and head had turned to a dark, sticky substance.

He scanned the surrounding sagebrush for the Jimmy. His arms were tied behind his back as well, but concentration filled his eyes over fear as he studied his bear and the sagebrush.

Danny had killed three giant bears with his magical sword before one of them (was it actually wearing a helmet?) said, “You sure are a troublesome high wizard,” before taking the sword away and strapping the brothers to some bears. After a horn blast from the leader bear, the bears appeared from across the city and moved toward the North and out of the city. It really was an amazing sight to see.

“Can you talk too?” Danny asked his mount. They lumbered forward for a while in silence.

Danny continued, “Because if you can, I’d love to get some answers.” No response. A few hours went by.

A quiet, low voice finally spoke, “You killed my brother.” Danny looked around, pulled from his daydreaming, “And my cousin.”

He swallowd the compulsion to yell, “You can talk!” Because by then, his brain had processed the whole of what the bear said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that bears–” that bears what? that they’d tie me up? that they talk? that they didn’t want to kill me just kidnap me and carry me off bear-back to who knows where? actually, they still might kill me “–would come for me peacefully.”

“We had to find you and bring you before Beorn, the king of the Westerian Bears before you had an offer from anyone else.” The bear’s shoulders seemed to slump a little as he continued to walk. “And we apologize for the interruption.”

Well that sounded a bit scripted. “You sent Idaho into a state of emergency. This is one of the most armed states in the country, it’s a miracle you didn’t all get killed.”

“We are not common bears, high one.”

Woah, is that my new title? Sounds kinda sarcastic though

“We don’t die easily to small arms. Your sword did more damage than any five armed citizens, no matter their training. You’ll meet Beorn soon enough, and he can answer all your questions.”

But he never did meet Beorn. The rocks came together in front of the bear, forming a stone golem twice the size of the already impressive bear.

The bears weren’t the only ones who wanted to meet the new High Wizard.

Bear Epidemic <= Danny Rocket => Rocks and mice