Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Rocks and mice


“Mice!” the bear roared, skidding to a stop before the humanoid rock heap.

Danny hit the ground hard when the bear he rode reared up to block the towering rock golem that had constructed itself in front of them. Desperately he sought to fill his lungs with air again, then he looked for the pack-bear that had his sword (and laptop). Last he saw it, it was behind and to the–there.

He got up awkwardly (his hands still bound) and ran through the sagebrush toward the pack-bears, who appeared to be forming a two column line. Danny glanced back, he counted 7 golems, each surrounded by 3 or 4 bears.

He did a double-take and tripped right into a sagebrush. When he recovered, he rubbed his eyes and checked again. Atop the shoulder of each golem, stood a mouse wearing colorful flowing robes, arms outstretched.

King of the bears <= Danny Rocket => Saving the laptop