Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Saving the laptop


The stone golems swatted at the bears, which put the flight from the bears earlier that day into a little perspective. He looked from golem to golem trying to pick out the tiny mouse on each shoulder.

As he scanned across the mice, one locked eyes with him.

Barzilaih, the deep voice spoke in his head.

“What? No, I’m Danny. I think you’re mistaking me for someone else.”

Oh, my bad. You humans look a lot alike, you know.

The golems continued fighting with the bears, one group of bears had managed to pull and arm off one of the golems, the arm broke apart into its constituent rocks and the golem made a horrible howl slash reverberation sound.

Danny, the voice in his head continued. You are in danger.

Danny had started looking for his laptop again. No kidding, you’re attacking me with an army of golems. I wonder if I can distract them with some cheese or find a stray cat or something…

The voice seemed a bit peeved, You do know that I’m talking directly with your mind, right? It might be wise to school your thoughts, young one.

Well the bears, at least, called me High One. Then Danny saw it, a pile of bags discarded by the bears before they ran off to try and rip arms off stone golems. Ha, there it is. Once I get my sword and laptop, I can just run back to civilization. All this confusion should throw off all the bears and rats.

The deep voice returned, Mice. We’re mice, not rats.

Just then, Jimmy combat rolled from behind the pile of supplies. Spotting Danny, he stood up and dusted himself off sheepishly. “I found our stuff.” He held up the backpack and messenger bag that they had in the coffee shop before the bears interrupted that morning.

Wow, was that really this morning? Danny thought.

Probably, said the robed mouse in Danny’s mind.

Get out of my mind. Danny thought back, then to Jimmy, “Ok, we have the sword and our stuff, let’s get out of here while everyone’s distracted.” Maybe the writer is occupied with that battle over there, and he’ll just leave me alone for once.

The deep voice returned, You have voice directing what happens to you?

Ugh. Yes, what’s it to you? Leave me alone.

I’d rather not face a Voice. We’ll go aid Barzilaih. Good luck. Keep away. With that a part of Danny’s mind seemed to close, like a door to another room suddenly slammed shut.

Danny gestured to Jimmy, and they started to run. Behind them, they heard a great crash of stone. They both looked back to see the last of the golems unglue itself from the rocks causing a dead pile of rocks to fall from 15 feet up. The mice were nowhere in sight.

The bears gathered their wounded and a few came up to Danny and Jimmy. There was no escaping them now. The mice had left them on their own.

But at least now they had to walk.

And they found the sword.

And their laptop.

Rocks and mice <= Danny Rocket => Bear dwellings