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High wizard registration


Danny sat dumbfounded for a little while, then said, “Let me see if I understand what’s happening. You’re telling me that I’m a contender for the role of High Wizard. I’m the team captain for the Northern Kingdom team, and the mice and bears are trying to help me by kidnapping me to help me win then gain my favor? Sounds really messed up. And who is Barzilaih?”

Beorn considered for a moment, “That about sums it up. Barzilaih. That’s the name the mice gave? It sounds like another candidate from the Northern Kingdom since they’re based here, but there’s only one candidate per region. And you have the sword.” He folded his paws and stared off into space for a while. Then his eye grew in recognition, and he turned to face Danny, “You did register, didn’t you?”

“What? What does that even mean?”

“Flaming buckets of rot! He’s your replacement if you never registered. It’s all lost, even if you do register, it’ll split support, we won’t win, and we’ll be stuck for another lifetime under some Westervian.”

“What if I beat Barzilaih first, then I can get the full support of the region?” Danny considered.

“Then you’ll be significantly behind the other wizards. You’re already significantly behind. You don’t even have a real team together.”

Jimmy piped up, “I might not be a wizard, but I do have an idea. What if we join Barzilaih? That way our region has two teams.”

“Two teams in the same region? That’s perposterous,” the bear cocked an eyebrow, “but not technically against the rules.”

So Danny registered.

Feasting with bears <= Danny Rocket => Gathering the team