Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Gathering the team


The next day Danny and Jimmy gathered supplies, drew up plans, and recoverd from that horrible hike up the mountain the day before. Beorn claimed that he was too busy running the kingdom of the bears to join Danny in his quest, but that one of his right hand bears had volunteered to aid Danny as a part of his team, and more importantly, represent the kingdom of bears to the potential High Wizard despite the extreme unlikelyhood.

Benny wasn’t the tallest, strongest, or smartest of the bears, but he did have a cool scar across a dead eye. So it’s at least possible that he had seen combat. He did refuse to let Jimmy ride him then or ever when they decided to make their way back to Boise, but he was willing to carry some of the supplies.

The plan was simple: get back to civilization, locate Barzilaih on the internet, if he’s not on the internet, contact Destiny, gather a team on the way.

On their way across the river, Candy (the water nymph who forgot to tell Danny the rules) insisted on joining them.

“You’ll need a nymph along the way!” she insisted, “I have skills, and I’m tired of sitting around in this river. I don’t even think this river needs a nymph.”

Side note: the river did need a nymph, not 5 months later, the river flooded its banks.

Her arguments didn’t really convince Danny, but all the crying and complaining eventually wore him down. He really wanted to get home and look for Barzilaih. What harm could she do on the team? She was a magical creature after all.

Side note: a lot. She could do a lot of harm.

When Danny finally got home, he was exhausted. Candy, Jimmy, Benny, and Danny all collapsed on couches, beds, and floors when they arrived. Then Danny looked for Barzilaih online. Barzilaih wasn’t on the internet. Not under the name Barzilaih anyway.

High wizard registration <= Danny Rocket => Meeting with destiny