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Meeting with Destiny


After a lengthy discussion about how to find Barzilaih, they settled back on the original plan of searching out Destiny. You may have forgotten all about Destiny. She already played an important role in this story. She sent the sword to Candy to give to Danny. Other than the mice and Barzilaih, she’s the only character we haven’t really covered who might actually have some answers.

Unfortunately, she lived in Indiana or Iowa. What? I don’t remember these trivial details, her address wasn’t important at the time, which is why it sounded so unimportant at the time.

Danny stood there in his room staring at the ceiling yelling, “Hey!” repeatedly, then, “we need to go to Destiny’s house. Are you going to help us out or should we just get going without you?”

Ungrateful protagonist.

Jimmy had an old van, so they piled in, and set off to find their Destiny.

Fourteen hours later, they were driving through Wyoming, when the tire went flat. Danny and Jimmy got to work changing the tire out for the spare. Benny wandered around in the open field looking for a snack, and Candy walked to the top of a nearby hill to try and find cell reception.

It took longer to get Candy and Benny back to the van than it did to change the tire. Changing a tire really doesn’t take that long, especially with two people and the right tools. Candy was livid. She always wanted her selfies to post in near real time. Posting the flat tire selfie would mess up the timeline for the whole trip. They stopped at the next gas station, only 150 miles later to fix the flat–just in case.

When they arrived, Danny happened to glance through the adjoining Subway to a pinboard. On that pinboard, Danny saw a picture of his sword, drawn out in crayon but definitely his sword. He walked over to get a closer look.

“Well don’t just stare child,” an ancient crackling voice said from somewhere nearby. “Have a seat. You must have questions.” With that, a very young girl with curly light brown hair–maybe 12 years old–turned around from the booth next to the crayon drawing and smiled at Danny.

Danny’s eyes passed right over the girl, and scanned the room for an old woman. The voice was definitely very very old, maybe even a smoker, but the two of them were the only people in the room. Then Danny noticed that no one was even working at this particular Subway, it was just him and this little girl.

The girl scooted to the edge of the booth and hopped out, extending a hand, the ancient crackling voice contrasted with her extreme youth, “I am Destiny, it’s good to meet you Danny.”

Danny took her hand and shook it, “You too.” Still a bit dumbfounded.

She hopped back into the booth and gestured for Danny to join her. “Why are you seeking to meet Destiny?”

“I don’t know where else to go, I need to find Barzilaih and team up if the Northern Kingdom has a chance at this election thing.”

“You seek answers, but I don’t know them. I’m Destiny, not some kind of oracle,” they sat in silence for a little while, “Oh alright. Barzilaih isn’t the name of a person, it’s a minecraft username. His character was chosen to be a wizard, the High Wizard candidate selector was created long before gaming and the internet, so it gets confused. Nevertheless, it is still binding.”

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