Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Loading minecraft


Back in Boise, the whole group crowded around Danny’s desk. Loading with the familiar Mojang red-on-white logo, the laptop purred with excitement.

First, she logged Danny in by sending a message to the minecraft central server–which she new was an over simlification, because when that message arrived, it would be semi-randomly assigned to an available server by a load balancing HA server. Either way, the server responded quickly with some questions to confirm Danny’s identity. The laptop had the response ready to assure the servers that Danny really wanted to play minecraft and should let him in.

Once the servers send back a message confirming that Danny was allowed to play, the laptop started sending messages all over to get the latest minecraft updates, maps, security fixes, and all the latest tidbits that she could find.

She almost forgot what she was doing because she worked so hard to write and read all the messages. Not only did she have to read them, she had to organize them and put al the maps in place, fix all the problems using the instructions she received, and make sure to write back to confirm that she got all the messages in the right order. She actually started to sweat with exertion. She kicked on a desk fan to high.

After the messages slowed to a trickle, then stopped, she opened the minecraft start menu and put it on the screen. The hard work always paid off to see Danny’s smile.

Change in plans <= Danny Rocket => Barzilaih’s Lair