Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Barzilaih's lair


“You’re computer is super old. As soon as you get a real job, you should replace it.” Jimmy pointed a finger at the laptop, “It’s struggling to get Minecraft open! Barzilaih’s going to beat the challenges, become High Wizard, and die of old age before this thing starts.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my laptop,” Danny defended, “it’s a little old, but it does the job. If you’re so impatient, why don’t you practice your ‘wizarding aid’ and get me a coke?”

Jimmy almost retorted but the Minecraft main page appeared and distracted him. Danny typed in the server IP and port and joined the public server.

The squarish pixellated avatar appeared in a forrest at night with no supplies. He could hear the sound of zombies nearby. He quickly dug four blocks of dirt and held them in his inventory. Barzilaih was not online.

On his minimap, Danny saw some lights that seemed to outline a town. Those lights should help him survive the night, so he ran toward them, ducking under leaves, jumping over fallen trees, and steering clear of the zombie sounds.

Thwack, he bounced sideways losing some hearts. A skeleton on his right moved from behind a tree. He could see the lights through the trees, but he couldn’t see a way though. He jumped up in the air and threw down dirt blocks below him as he rose into the trees. An arrow barely missed him, lodging itself in the leaves by his head.

He jumped on top of the leaves and dashed across the tree wall, then down into the town.

The first building he saw had a sign: Barzilaih’s Tavern. So he went inside.

Loading minecraft <= Danny Rocket => Meeting Barzilaih