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A dragon


After an uncomfortable amount of time, the silence broke with the pop of Candy’s gum. It seemed like a whole weekend had gone by in another world, because one had, and it was a pretty awesome weekend.

“Can I see the sword?” Jenny asked.

“Sure,” and Danny clumsily pulled the sword from the scabbard on his back. Back scabbards look really cool in movies, but in reality, they’re extremely cumbersome and unnecessary. He handed it to her hilt first, and she picked it up carefully.

She studied the intricate lines on the blade and made two quick slicing motions with it. “Wow,” she said, “it’s lighter than I imagined. It’s in way higher res out here in the real world too.” She looked closely at the hilt, “it doesn’t glow or hum like mine though.”

“What? It’s supposed to glow?” Danny asked.

“And hum,” she had her head tilted so that she could hold the sword vertically with her ear on the pommel.

“I couldn’t find any kind of on switch.”

Jenny scowled at him. “I doubt there is an on switch.” She handed the sword back. “Are you really a wizard?”

“I think so. If the council or whatever picked me, I must be a wizard right?”

“No, the council is a bunch of bumbling idiots who picked a minecraft character and you as candidates.” She glanced up, scowled, and muttered something.

Danny was stunned. Her words seemed to speak a deeper truth that he didn’t want to admit: he wasn’t a wizard. He didn’t know anything about wizarding. He didn’t even know where to learn wizardly ways. His wizardless self had even refused to allow him to ask for help early on. He hadn’t asked Candy how to be a wizard. He didn’t ask the bears how to wiz. And now, he stood in front of another candidate for High Wizard, and he felt the full weight of his wizardly lack.

In a hoarse whisper, Danny asked himself, “How do you become a wizard?”

As the only visible person in whispering distance, Jenny assumed that he meant the question toward her. She paused for a moment, then told him. “I killed a dragon with the sword, and then a fairy appeared and told me that I had ‘wizened’. Then she gave me this pamphet.”

She fished a pamphlet out of her cloak. The cover had a picture of Gandalf and Voldemort on the front with yellow lettering that read, “Wizardly FAQ.”

“So, how do I kill a dragon in the real world? You can summon a dragon in minecraft, but I don’t think stacking sand will–”

His sentence broke off when it was suddenly overtaken by an earth shaking roar–followed quickly by a blast of wind and a shadow that blotted out the sun.

A high pitched scream followed that trailed off to silence. A gasp, then another high pitched scream from the same throat. Everyone now stared at Benny, the ten foot tall bear with a scar over one eye.

Including the dragon.

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