Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Glowing sword


Benny led the retreat by large margin, followed by Candy (who could run surprisingly fast), then Danny and Jimmy, but Danny glanced back.

Standing in the open field next to the clock tower, Jenny defied the dragon. She faced the dragon with a ready stance, and in that moment, Danny knew that he had to do the same. He skidded to a stop, turned around, and began his sprint back toward the cloaked woman standing in a field.

The dragon hovered in the air, casting a shadow on the singular wizard in the field. She seemed confident, but Wrendhold had devoured many full wizards–and even more novices. He smiled.

Sucking in the wind around him, he felt the icy blast forming in his belly, the frozen mountains of his homeland echoed in he depths. Then he released it at the novice wizard.

Danny ran. What am I doing? That thing is a real life dragon with wings, teeth, and probably fire breathing! And what is she doing? She’s just standing there!

The sword started to glow, but Danny concentrated on getting to Jenny so much that he didn’t notice.

If I knew we’d be fighting large beasts, I would’ve brought the hunting rifles. He ran faster.

Each step launched him further than a single stride.

He saw the inhale of the dragon. I’m not going to make it in time. No. I am.

Jenny lifted her hand and pointed toward the dragon.

Danny’s eyes flicked up to the dragon, white ice crawled from the dragon’s lips and ballooned out in front of him in slow cotton candy rolls.

Just a little further.

He looked back down at Jenny. Her pointing finger appeared to extend in a blinding light that moved crawled forward and sideways but always toward the dragon–it reminded him a lot of lighting but somehow more powerful and slower.

He switched the sword to his left hand. It was glowing as bright as the sun.

The balloon of ice above continued to descend like a giant blanket. He ducked at the last minute, hitting the mage in the stomach with his shoulder in a scooping motion and continued running with Jenny over his shoulder.

Man, she’s heavy. Or I need to workout more.

He ran to the edge of the field before setting Jenny on the ground. When he set her down, he looked back at the dragon. The billows of ice had touched the ground. In the blink of an eye, a frozen gust knocked Danny over, the whole field was covered in shards of ice and frost. The dragon fell and hit the ice.

Jenny’s eyes were wide. “What did you do?”

Danny looked back at her, “Sorry, you didn’t seem to respond to the yelling, so I carried you over here.”

“Did you just freeze time?” Jenny asked.

“What? No.” Danny paused, “probably not?”

Jenny grinned, “Let’s go kill a dragon.”

A dragon <= Danny Rocket => Dragon slaying