Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Dragon slaying


Danny thought back. It made way more sense now. Dragons don’t blow cotton candy balls of icy death, and lightning certainly doesn’t crawl along like water down a driveway. How did he do it though? Could he do it again?

The dragon dug through the ice at the center of the blast radius. He seemed to be looking for something and getting more panicked by the minute.

In a low voice, Danny asked Jenny, “How do I kill it?”

“I just whacked at it with my sword until its health bar drained. I doubt it’ll work that way out here though.”

Well that was less helpful than I had hoped. Danny thought.

He looked at his sword, it was still glowing, if faintly. He tried to concentrate on speed and sprinted to a nearby tree. It definitely felt like normal speed. He caught his breath. It was really quiet.

He looked over at the dragon. The dragon looked much like a surprised cat that noticed the mouse it was playing with earlier had become two mice. His haunches wiggled as he repositioned his legs for a pounce.

The dragon suddenly leapt for the treeline, Danny dove sideways into a roll then popped back up. He reoriented, but the dragon was gone. A branch snapped, and he looked up just in time to see teeth passing his head and a dark throat.

He reacted by jumping and thrusting his sword straight up. The teeth snapped shut below him. He connected with soft then hard tissues, then the sword stuck. He tried to pull it out, but when it wouldn’t budge, he lifted himself up and pushed the sword sidways, using his knees on the side of the jawline. Something popped.

The Facebook livestream showed the frost covered field of Ann Morison Park and the giant dragon at its center. The dragon leapt and pumped its wings once, launching it into the trees on the left, head down, holding onto three different trees at once. The head recoiled and then darted down.

Comments streamed in.

Someone: what game is this?
Someone else: woah, that looks just like Ann Morison
Another: was that a person under that?
Many: <horrified face emoji>

Then the dragon released the trees and crumpled to the ground. It began to steam, and the dragon seemed to evaporate. The bones evaporated last.

In the midst of the steam, near where the head of a dragon rested, a figure stood slowly holding a glowing sword.

The stream had reached tens of thousands in the few minutes it took.

Candy popped her gum.

Glowing sword <= Danny Rocket => The welcome fairy