Robert Whiting In search of awesome

The drain troll


Danny, Jenny, Benny, Jimmy, Candy, and a wave of soapy water splashed into a large cavern. The murky water only came up to their knees, but it was certainly disgusting. Greenish-brown sludge foam covered most of the surface, except where the new soapy water arrived from a hole in the cavern ceiling–through which our adventurers unceremoniously arrived.

In the middle of the cavern, there appeared to be a small island and a bench with a log beside it. Without saying a word, they looked at each other and started slogging through the horribly gross water toward the island.

When they arrived on the island, they saw a huge drain in the middle of the island–nearly at its highest point. The drain had a huge iron grate over it, and it appeared to be the only way out of the cavern that would fit a person. Small drain holes in the ceiling opened to dispose of waste into the water, but even looking back, the one they came in through didn’t look like it would actually fit people of their size–and certainly not a giant near-sentient bear.

Danny, Jenny, Benny, and Jimmy stood around the grate and heaved it an inch to one side. Then a slow rumbly voice spoke from the bench, “Nobody moves the grates of Drainwater!”

They all looked at the bench. In the dim light, they began to see the materializing giant troll sitting on the bench. It hefted the log–which in retrospect, always looked like a club.

“Only Nobody moves the grate!” The voice boomed, and the troll stood up, clearly angry. He stood several feet taller than Benny, and uglier.

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