Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Nobody's fight


When the troll stood up and bellowed his foul breath at the group, they all let go of the grate and took a step or three away from the angry, semi-camouflaged troll. Except for Benny, he kept standing there picking something out of the fur on his belly.

The troll took a step forward and leaned forward at them. It was either glaring or or squinting. As a side note, it is very difficult to understand troll facial expressions because of all the stiff surfaces on a troll face. For example, a troll may look chronically furious if their eyebrows are made of gnarled sticks–granted, over time they become chronically furious because nearly everyone lashes out at a giant troll that sheds camouflage just feet from you. It makes even the bravest of adventurers feel stupid–which tends to push people to lash out with adrenaline-packed embarrassment.

“Nobody ask a question.” The troll stood upright and folded its arm-like appendages. “Where be watery one?”

“Ha!” Benny held something tiny and wriggling in his claws, and popped it in his mouth with a satisfied grin on his face. With that bit of important business out of the way, he looked around at his battle-ready group.

Danny lowered his sword. “Is he demanding that we answer a riddle to go through the grate?”

“Shh,” Jimmy backhanded Danny in the chest, “he said not to ask any questions.”

“The watery one is a riddle.” Danny nodded at Jimmy.

“Poseidon, fish, and mop water are watery,” replied Jimmy.

Danny shook his head, “Mop water isn’t a one.”

“The janitor, Allen, is.”

Danny thought a moment, “It’s worth a try.” Danny took a step forward and said to the troll, “Allen.”

The face of the troll contorted.

“NOOOO!!!!” The troll’s voice echoed through the cavern such that everyone had to cover their ears. “Where be the watery one!?”

Jenny looked around, then spoke, a little louder than necessary, “Hey guys, where’s Candy?”

Jimmy glared at her, “He said no questions.”

“No, really,” she pointed around the island, “where is Candy?”

The troll grinned. Watery one is candy.

The drain troll <= Danny Rocket => Proper drainage