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Proper drainage


Sorry, I really thought that they’d get to the fighting part last time, so the title is a little missleading.

Everyone on the island looked around. Candy did not stand among them.

The floor began to rumble, and the expression on the troll’s face read like a children’s book: simplistic surprise. He took a few unsteady steps backwards as the rumbling escalated to an earthquake.

The waves of sludge reached the ceiling in some places, and everyone on the island stumbled around drunkenly, trying not to stab each other with their swords. In the midst of the chaos, the troll started yelling, “NO!!! NOooooo! Nonono!!!!”

Water gushed from the holes in the ceiling down on the thrashing waves.

Danny’s sword glowed a hot-white.

Suddenly, the island pealed away from the group down about 10 feet. The grate stayed in the air with the rest of the group. Danny looked back up, and the expressions one each person’s face made him laugh aloud as they each contorted their faces into masks of horror.

Danny hung in the air for a second or two–witnessing his friends transform from a group of adventureres to a comedic slow fall. He then dropped the 10 feet at normal speed and nailed the landing. He got up and dusted off his pants.

That’s when he noticed the walls of water on all sides slowly creeping as his friends all hung in the air moving their hands into grasping motions very slowly. As the grate came within his grasp, he walked over and pushed on it until he moved it slightly away from the hole.

Deep in the water, at eye level, Danny saw a glowing figure. The flowing figure seemed to float in the water, eminating power with a slow swirl of glowing flecks in the water around her. He was transfixed.

He was so transfixed that he didn’t see his sword wink out.

In the blink of an eye, the troll, Jenny, Benny, and Jimmy fell on to onrushing water. Danny was blinded by the wave that hit him in the face, and they all travelled down the drain.

Danny woke up slowly. He felt grass on his back. Then he heard voices.

“You do it, you’re his brother,” it was Jenny’s voice.

Jimmy replied, “Not a chance, if he wakes up with my lips on his face, I’ll never live it down.”

“If I kiss him, does he become a princess?” Was that Benny’s voice? He spoke so infrequently. “I’m gonna try it.”

Danny opened his eyes and sat up, shielding his mouth.

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