Robert Whiting In search of awesome

The map of darkness


Candy didn’t return to the group, and after a day of searching, the group decided that she was probably in the pipes somewhere or back in the arena.

The troll–named Nobody–joined them in their search for Candy. He was convinced that she was actually made of candy, and often made the rest of the group uncomfortable when he made comments about eating or licking Candy when they found her. Perhaps it was best that she didn’t return just yet.

Fortunately for the group, they had another person in the group whose name ended in a Y.

After breakfast on the second day, they decided that Candy wasn’t there to be found. Some tears were shed–Benny and Nobody–and they decided that they needed to find their way back to Boise. Jimmy suggested that they find an inn or tavern, so they set off to find one through the bog.

The bog was an especially creepy place where twigs would snap off in the fog and just when they thought they could see something, a raven would caw and fly crazily off in some random direction ominously.

They would have been on edge constantly if it weren’t for Nobody’s habit of humming catchy tunes and bouncing offbeat as he walked. It seemed nearly impossible to Danny–he could sing, but to intentionally throw off the beat like that was beyond him. And he was a wizard.

Eventually they stumbled across a golden chest in the middle of a clearing–half sunk in the bog.

Danny walked up to it and pushed open the lid. Inside, a brilliant light shone and little glittering dust motes shone up around him.

He reached in and pulled out a single piece of parchment: it was a treasure map. A big red x marked one spot in the Southeast, and dark blotches scattered across its surface. It was very old.

“Now, if we could only find out where we are.” Danny said as he studied it.

Dun dun dun!

Cleaning up <= Danny Rocket => Highcrag castle