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Highcrag castle


It didn’t take them long to discover that the big red x indicated where they were on the map. Because they had no idea where they were, they just wandered roughly West for a while looking for landmarks that would help them get a bearing on their new found map.

Instead, they finally recognized that the red x wasn’t always in the same place and always near the notable landmarks that they came across. Ok, so they didn’t figure it out very fast. It took them a whole day. An entire day.

With that bit of helpful knowledge, they decided to go to the nearest town looking thing on the map, so they made camp and started off first thing in the morning. A whole day!

They made their way down a ravine to path that led to a dirt road that wound through the forest. The trees looked like the great redwoods–tall and majestic with a soothing aroma–only the leaves weren’t green. The leaves were a radiant purple, almost glowing, and the floor was covered in darker dead-purple pine needles. They were definitely not in Idaho anymore, and probably not Kansas either.

As suddenly as the forest started, it ended in a perfect line onto a manicured lawn that stretched for what seemed like miles in both directions–both being right and left, not forward. In front of them, on a small hill, sat a tiny castle. It had a drawbridge, a couple turrets, and a keep–and it topped out at maybe 3 stories. It probably only had 3 bedrooms 1.5 baths and a bonus hall. And a courtyard.

But they’d have to discover that on their own. First, they knocked on the drawbridge and stood out of the way. They didn’t know much about castle etiquette.

A whole episode with no mention of any particular member of the party!

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