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The witch


Magic came easily to little Roux. She learned under many tutors, and her patience and stubornness did her a service in her studies. She was a few years older than Prince Adam. She loved him with the same patience and stubornness that she applied to her studies.

She used to visit and play with him when he was younger. She mourned the death of the king and queen and held his hand at the funeral. His temper sat on a razors edge, and after his parents had died, she feared that she had lost him to the darkness.

Roux knew that he could only be hers if he learned to love and forgive himself, but no one could stand up to him–or no one would. His parents tried everything to teach the boy love, but Roux came to understand that love had to be discovered. And what better place to discover than when alone with only your thoughts.

One night, she dressed as an old witch and walked to the castle door. She put a curse on the castle and on her beloved prince so that when he finally learned to love himself, she would return, and they would live happily ever after.

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