Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Muffin the landlord


Danny woke up slowly. He didn’t remember falling asleep.

The bed was soft but short–his feet hung off the end. He did remember knocking on a drawbridge to a tiny castle.

The sheets had a bunch of dancing elephants printed on it. He remembered everyone jumping out of the way when they heard chains and gears moving inside.

His head hurt a lot. Why did he always wake up random places? Why couldn’t he just move from scene to scene like a normal protagonist?

He sat up and put on his boots–which were clean and sitting by his bed. Then he took off his boots and put on his pants–which were folded on the floor next to his boots.

It wasn’t hard to find the others, they were down the hall in the main hall eating breakfast and talking loudly. In the middle of the table, Danny saw the map, and at the head of the table, a tiny white-bearded man stood on a large chair.

The tiny man noticed Danny, “Nice of you to finally join us! Pull up a chair, I’m Muffin the Landlord.”

Danny sat down toward the font of the table.

Muffin was the size of a toddler with a whispy beard extending to his knees, a turbin, and giant round glasses.

“Do you have many renters?” Danny asked, putting a spoonful of eggs in his mouth.

“What?” Muffin said, turning to face Danny. Danny could see Jenny facepalm out of the corner of his eye. “You misunderstand my title. I’m the Lord of the Land–Landlord.”

Danny was still waking up, “So, you’re a king?”

Muffin started to turn red with rage, “NO! I’m Muffin the Landlord, Lord of the lands of Muffin!” He began pounding his fists on the table, “My lands are mine called Muffin my lands that I am the only lord of them and they are mine!” Muffin glared at Danny.

Danny looked over at Jenny with a look of utter confusion and horror. Jenny just shook her head.

Jimmy interrupted the exchange, “So you were saying you could take us to this black blob on the map?”

The next moment Muffin was beaming, “Yes! They’re showing up all over! I can take you to one right after breakfast!”

“And what are they exactly?” Danny asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but they’re fun to play with. Everything you throw in turns to to black ash and blows away!” Muffin was practically giddy, “They’re like holes in reality! And they’re growing!”

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