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Thought stream 20170221


So many thoughts, and none of them seem important.

Time optimization. It’s 6:14, and I’m waiting for the bus. If I crafted my mornings better, I could reduce pre-bus slack. I wish there was a way to drive in and bus home. After driving in for a few days, I’ve remembered the freedom I get from driving in, but maybe that’s just because I have a good set of audiobooks. Once I exhause Boise Public, I’ll be bored again, and I can’t write things while I drive. Why isn’t there any good dictation app out there yet?

Space as a muse for hobbies. Recently, I’ve come back to the hobbies that would be needed for human survival in space and the overlap with things needed on Earth. Rapid durable housing generation, autonomous mealworm growing, compact autonomous nutrient growth (hydroponics or algae). At least I can legally sell these things without a bunch of licensing.

Writing code on the side should take higher precedent though. I decided last night to spend 30 min coding. I ended up going over an hour and made ok progress–which is awesome. Progress in under an hour of programming is quite the feat. I should try to do small code-sprints more often. Right now, it’s the closest thing Ihave to a side business, and if I expect anything out of Patrick and Nick, Ineed to lead the way.

In the book Switch, they offhandedly mentioned the “sterile cockpit” concept as applied to software development. A team implemented a couple times per week to be silent or project-related talk only. I wonder if that’s something that we could do on our team without ruining the comradery and team-building that we have come to enjoy.

Boise code camp. I really wanted to speak at this thing a few years ago, and theoretically I still do, but I’m not a coding expert on anything that I’d want to share with “all of the developers”. I thought I could share something about how teams work, but the stipulations on the site seem to exclude that as an option. Maybe I should just submit my idea for agile team best practices and see if I can fill an hour. I can tell stories from Rockwell, IBM, Clearwater, etc. People like stories and can hang ideas and executions on them.

Homebrew. I enjoy the homebrew process a lot. I think brewing has taught me more about patience than anything else. The drinks are good too. I’m sad that Mead has caused me so much grief, and I’m considering a more permenant move to winekits (or wine from grapes) once I finish this load of honey. Having a dedicated space will be nice, but it’ll be a while before that happens. I wonder what I’m going to do about the barrel of wine. I saw an opportunity to get a lot of good grape juice, but without a license, I have no way to sell it. And I’m not going to be able to drink it all. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to bottle it all. I wonder if I can fit that barrel in the old refridgerator and keep it at cellar temperature all summer. I can definitely afford the equipment now (for heating and cooling). Cover the inside door with acrylic and plexiglass. If not, it would still make a good 12 gallon brew chamber (not that I need more, but I do need to find a thing to do with my remaining honey).

I need to get to know my characters in the Memories series so that I can write interactions on the bus. I apparently wrote 1.5 pages of backstory for Dagon (pokemon rpg) without any framework besides my mind. If I knew the characters, I wouldn’t be so bothered by trying to make them up. Maybe that’s just practice. Or maybe I just need to suck it up and write something.

Writing something is better than writing nothing.

Speaking of writing, I really need to move my blog, it’s annoying to keep up to date. I also need to setup auto-refreshing keys. No keys is better than expired keys.

Well, it’s been fun. I’m coming up on Boise. Time to workout. Body by science workout is the best because it’s short and minimal. Ican see the progress too.