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Travel Guitar Build


I’ve been practicing and playing guitar quite a bit over the last year (one my covid hobbies), and I’ve been buying more equipment than is necessary for my ability level (quite low). When I travel to Taiwan later this year to pick up my kids, I want to bring a guitar with me, but space is limited. I found a $550 travel guitar, but instead, I decided to build my own by sawing up a $35 electric guitar I found on craigslist.

Here’s how I did it…

Wormholes to Hel - an Eve story


I heard a new voice on the radio, “Fleet commander, what are your orders?” Static. My comms flashed with battle updates, we were losing ships fast. “Fleet commander, please respond.”

My heart sunk. I was training to become a skirmish commander, but this fleet needed someone with hardened battle experience. My finger twitched on the comm link. Should I take command? Then over the radio, “This is Alex, I’m taking command until Khun responds. All remaining units form up on me.” His callsign flashed in comms. I realized, I’d been holding my breath and exhaled.

I checked my shields and punched warp to get back in the fight.

2021 year in review


We handle year ends differently. Becca is downstairs watching a show, I’m upstairs reflecting (brooding) over the past year and planning (dreaming) of the next. 2021 was an interesting year full of many accomplishments, disappointments, and challenges. Here are some of them–mostly for my own processing and future remembrance.

After reading over this, let me reiterate: this is almost entirely for my own personal year end processing, you probably won’t get much out of it.

The Kingdom: Yeast


I’ve been reading through the parables of Jesus that describe the kingdom of the heavens, so I can better understand this kingdom I’m a part of. The parable of the yeast always interested me as a way to explain the kingdom: yeast is very small but it permeates and transforms the dough. As a winemaker, I think about yeast more than the average person. In wine, it does the same: a tiny amount permeates and transforms the whole into something new.

COVID, vaccines, and Jesus


Over the last year and a half, I’ve stayed mostly quiet on the social front regarding the pandemic–mostly because I saw the fruitless and frustrated nature of these encounters, and I wanted no part of it. At this point, I’ve had conversations with people with a lot of varied opinions, the data has had time to settle, and I have clarified my own thoughts on the matter.

But that is not enough reason to enter the social media feeding frenzy. The reason for writing this is that the name of Jesus is being mocked and humiliated because of the acts and public words of those who claim to follow Him. If Christians are mocked for their sacrificial giving, generous hearts, recklessly self-endangering themselves to serve others, that would be good. In this country, that is not currently the case. Instead, Christians are publicly known for their blatant hatred for those they disagree with, obsession with self proclaimed freedoms, and disregard for their communities.

That is not the Jesus I know.