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Ghost blog


I’ve put off applying updates to my ghost blog for a long time now. Way too long. Not that I put many things here anyway. Hopefully that will change soon. Anyway.

WordPress has a really simple way to update: push the update button. But it has a bunch of other things I don’t like: it’s bloated, based on mysql, not very portable, grumble grumble. It’s just so much more than a blog. Ghost is just a blog where you write in markdown (which I really like), exportable to json, and the code is well written and compact. It’s just right.

The update process, however looks daunting to a non-dev. As a lazy dev, it looked daunting to me before I actually read it. It’s really simple, but not simple enough for a non-tech. I spent more time looking for a script to automate updating than it actually took to run the 6 commands needed to do the job.

I also made my site use ssl, which, like good dental hygiene, is important, but most people don’t take care of it consistently. Turns out, the auto-renew was working for certificates, but I neglected to restart nginx in an automated way.

Additionally, I just found this free app called Quill that seamlessly integrates with the blog: saving drafts automagically, and bringing the simple interface to my fingertips.

I’m excited to put my words back on ghost.