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Corner Desk


My office was swallowed by a baby room, so I moved my computer to share the office with my wife.

She was sick of her little desk, and I didn’t really like my big desk–that trade was obvious. But I still need some semblance of a desk. At work, I use a standing desk because it helps me with better posture, so why not build one for the new office?

It only cost me $20, and some extra supplies from the overflowing garage:

  • 2 monitor mounts (cheap but effective)
  • barrel (contains 3 kegs and a CO2 tank)
  • plywood (bought it a long time ago for some other forgotten project)
  • paint
  • sand paper
  • spray acrylic/polyurethane
  • caulk

The steps:

  1. Cut out a triangle 4 ft x 4 ft.
  2. Cut off 1 ft from each side and 6 inches from the back.
  3. Calk to smooth it out.
  4. Sand to smooth it out (edges and corners too).
  5. Is it awesome? Continue. No? Step 3.
  6. Paint it until it is awesome.
  7. Find studs and mount mounts (odd that you have to mount mounts to mount monitors).
  8. Attach monitors.
  9. Re-assemble computer & desk.
  10. Play Factorio with friends.

Corner Desk

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