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Building a kegerator


My experience with building a kegerator probably isn’t any different from any other kegerator you’ll find out there in internet land.

I started with a functional old refrigerator from a free craigslist find. The plastic was broken and deteriorating–it was sold as a good “garden refrigerator.”

old fridge

I took off the door and cleaned it up a bit. The inside of this thing had all kinds of dried remains in it, so it took a bit of scrubbing.

door cleanup

door cover

I built a shelf that fits 4 kegs (and some CO2).


Measured, drilled, and added supports (pvc pipe).


added supports

Painted. I used chalkboard paint for the freezer and hammered metal for the main door.

door paint

freezer paint

Assembled the pieces.

Assembled pieces

Hooked up the hoses.



I couldn’t salvage the door seal, and the 1/2 inch stuff I bought isn’t enough to make a good seal. It condensates all over the floor, so I’ll need to improve that. Other than that, it works great! Cool beverages on demand.

In the future: I want to make the left two taps my “high pressure” taps for cider and beer and my right two taps “low pressure” or argon for wine and mead.