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Padawan Michael Wookie


My 2 year old walked into my office, sat on a chair and grinned up at me. “A Stawas stowie.”

“A Star Wars story?”


“I don’t know any Star Wars stories other than the movies. You probably want one with Yoda in it.”


And so it begins. I apologize–I know this is extremely non-canon. It was off the top of my head for a 2 year old.

Once upon a time there was a young wookie named Michael. He grew up on a small backwater planet, but he wanted to be more than a farmer. He wanted to be a Jedi, so when he was old enough, he went to the Jedi Counsel to ask if he could train as a Jedi.

All the Jedi turned him down because he was a wookie and there weren’t any Jedi wookies. All of them except Yoda, because Yoda could tell that Michael was special.

Michael wookie and Yoda got in a space ship and went on a mission to get get a crystal so that Michael wookie could make a lightsaber. But the bad guy robots found them and started chasing them through an asteroid field. They zoomed through the asteroid field trying to get away from the robots, and the robots almost caught them! Then Yoda found an asteroid bigger than all the other ones and flew into a hanger on the other side. There were space dwarves!

They closed the door of their hangar and it looked like a normal asteroid again, so the robots couldn’t find them!

Yoda and Michael wookie hid with the space dwarves for a long time, and it turns out these dwarves were mining the same kind of crystal that Michael wookie needed to make a lightsaber! So he offered to stay and work for them so that he could pay for a crystal (because they’re very expensive).

Eventually, Yoda had to go back to the Jedi Council because he had a lot of important work to do, but he left Michael wookie with the space dwarves to work for a crystal.

After Yoda left, the bad robots figured out where Michael wookie and the space dwarves were! The zoomed in with their spaceships and started shooting laser guns at the space dwarves! There were a lot of lasers being shot all over, but then Michael wookie came out and shot at the bad robots until they were all gone. He saved the space dwarves!

They were very grateful and told Michael wookie about a special kind of crystal that they knew about–the dark crystal. With the dark crystal Michael would be able to create a darksaber with an edge and it would be a lot more cool of a sword than a lightsaber! So he worked extra hard for long time and then they gave him a dark crystal.