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Now about the mice


Now, I realize that the interactions with the mice turned out to be very short lived, and pending some bright flash of creativity to tie them back into the story and allow some major monologues, their backstory won’t ever be told in earnest. So we’ll take a small break from our “hero” and focus on the tiny, powerful, robed mice.

Ravens and owls generally fill the roll as wizard assistant throughout the world with a few notable exceptions. Mice, however, have the unique ability to sneak into places where they are not welcome or known.

Many decades ago, a mouse now forgotten by time and probably never known by any other intelligent life, chanced across an intelligence potion. Legend tells of an epic battle for the potion, but since no one can trace it to actual historical events, it is likely that the mouse simply needed a drink or the owner threw a vial at him. However it happened, this one mouse became very smart.

In short order, the mouse had amassed enough supplies to recreate the intelligence potion and share it with the others in his nest. The first thing that the intelligent mice did with their intelligence, was to create wizardly garments–because obviously, that’s one of the most important parts of being a wizard, or at least of being taken seriously as one.

More importantly, they began organizing and infiltrating wizard schools, research outposts, and ancient archives. In the course of a few short decades, the mice had become some of the most knowledgeable wizards in the world. They never seemed to overcome the limitation on their natural lifespan, and they’re really touchy about it.

You see, I didn’t want them to become too powerful. They’re mice after all. So when they figured out who I am, they contacted me. First they tried to negotiate, then bribe, then threaten. Eventually, they decided that they want nothing to do with “The Voice.”

So now they try to avoid primary plot arcs as much as possible.

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