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Change in plans


“I’m going up against a minecraft character?” Danny though he’d heard the limit of rediculousness before, but this topped the bears, mice, and amazon-delivered sword.

“Don’t be absurd,” the little girl sighed and a patronizing look covered her face, “you’re going up against the one who controls the character. His gamertag was chosen, but the selection process makes allowences for aliases. Just makes it harder to find him.”

“Didn’t you deliver an artifact to him, just like you did me? What’s his address?”

She shook her head, “I delivered his artifact in game.”

How did you deliver a magical sword in a game? That’s a dumb question, just login and drop it off at his base. Why would you do that in game? Even if he got it, wouldn’t the artifact only work in minecraft? How does that help him win the candidacy? Are you an idiot?

But he didn’t actually say any of that. Instead he said, “How did–? Why would–? How–? Are you–?” He took a breath, gathered his thoughts, and forged ahead, “Can you at least give me the server he plays?”

She smiled, “Now that’s more like it.” She pointed behind her and up at the pegboard. Just under the crayon drawing of the sword, was a scrap of paper with server ip and port.

How did I not see that before.

He thanked her, took the paper, and convinced the whole group to head back to Idaho due to the most recent change of plans.

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