Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Growing up


Maurice had no time to work on his time machine. He had assumed that he was too old for a genuine relationship, let alone to become a father. He knew next to nothing about taking care of a baby, and no one in the town wanted anything to do with him. So he turned to books.

The bookkeeper and his wife didn’t have any books about caring for and raising a baby, but they took pity on Maurice and over the next year, they became good friends. She taught him how to change a diaper and soothe the crying baby.

Belle survived–much to the surprise of the townsfolk–and grew into a beautiful young girl with the oddest habits. The townsfolk weren’t surprised at her though, because she was raised by an inventor without a mother on the outskirts of town.

She didn’t play with the other children. They shunned her for her lofty demeanor and crazy stories about her father’s inventions or how society ought to be. She spent her time reading or sitting in the windowsill staring out across the valley humming to herself.

Maurice made a living fixing things and building small inventions that he could sell in neighboring towns. His dreams of returning home never faded, but he knew when to prioritize and provide for his daughter. He couldn’t forget the dream of going home, not with the little face beaming up at him with the face of his first love, Collette. Sometimes he would burst into tears just looking at Belle. He was so tired, and he missed her so much.

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