Robert Whiting In search of awesome



Mrs. Potts barely recognized the other servants. They had only been turned to furniture and cookware a day before. The brat, prince Adam, had been turned into a horrible beast with impossible conditions put onto his return transformation–someone had to fall in love with him.

At 15 years old, Adam had a horrible temper–worse than when his parents had died. Mrs. Potts did whatever she could to shield the other staff from his wrath and keep a tidy castle, but some days he went too far. He would tear through the castle destroying wall hangings, windows, furniture, and books.

Part of her agreed with the witch’s assessment of the boy, but sometimes she pitied the boy. His parents were dead, and Cogsworth was no father.

But his rages had returned worse than ever, only now, he was a terrible beast, and the servants were more fragile than ever.

When it seemed safe, she climbed out of the root cellar and began cleaning up the damage. She swept up broken glass from the kitchen floor with difficulty–using her handle to guide the hand broom. But when she moved a larger piece of the ceramic, she froze.

She saw two broken faces, frozen in horror and etched forever into the ceramic fragments. The scullery maid, Adalene, and her husband, one of the apprentice chefs, had only been married a few years. And she had a toddler–Chip.

Mrs. Potts searched the kitchen, panic building in her until she heard a soft crying coming from the pantry. She opened it and found the tiny teacup cracked and crying behind a sack of potatoes.

She adopted the tiny teacup. Teacups don’t need milk or warmth like a toddler, but Mrs. Potts provided warmth and love to the little teacup who had lost everything.

Mrs. Potts became a mother figure to many in the castle, and she became on the of the largest proponents of keeping the peace and appeasing the beast.

But in her heart, she counted every wrong that Prince Adam committed. His transformation and his lost parents were no excuse for the crimes he committed. One day he would pay for them.

She would make sure of that.

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