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The known story


Scattered here are the pieces of the story of Belle and Prince Adam. If you’ve read this far, you likely know it:

Prince Adam captured Maurice, who stuck through the castle grounds to find a way to power his machine. Belle traded herself as prisoner in her father’s place, but in time fell in love with her captor.

Gaston rallied the townsfolk to rescue her, and he failed–falling from the bulwark before he could use the potion given to him by the mysterious woman, Roux.

The curse lifted, and everyone in the castle returned to humanity–except those who had died. Belle and Maurice moved into the castle, and they were accepted by the townsfolk for the first time.

But that was not the end of the story. Or rather, that was not the whole of it.

Because history is rewritten by the victors. With the knowledge and biases that they have at the time.

The one who wrote the story of Beauty and the Beast didn’t know how it all ended. He didn’t know about all the loose ends.

Gaston survived the fall.

Roux still desired Prince Adam’s affections.

Maurice still longed to see his time again.

And Mrs. Potts would still see justice.

Gaston <= Death of Maurice => Finishing the machine