Robert Whiting In search of awesome



All the other staff seemed to come out of a haze, and the new reality seemed to erase the horrible decade of living in constant fear of the beast. But not Mrs. Potts.

She could not stand the happiness of Prince Adam. After all he had done, that spoiled, murderous, brat had somehow found happiness.

But he was weak. He never trained or worked hard at anything his his life, but she was no warrior. And the only warrior willing to stand up to him was gone. She had so much hope when the Gaston had arrived to save them, but heroes come from the weak.

She knew it wasn’t as honorable as confronting him for his crimes, but it was the best she could do.

On the night Prince Adam returned from his honeymoon, she poisoned him. And as the staff ran about trying to cure him from sickness, he whispered in his ear, “You were a monster before you became a beast, and you’ve been a beast since you became a man. Not once did you ask about or show remorse for the people you murdered in cold blood. Now die like the animal you are.” And he did.

The castle mourned that night and more when they found the body of Maurice, and they remained in mourning for a long long time.

Finishing the machine <= Death of Maurice => Roux lost