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Roux lost


Her only hope was to nurse Gaston back to health. How else could she get Belle away from her beloved and win him? She had waited years and planned and hoped, and when Adam was finally capable of love, Belle stole him away.

She found Gaston at the edge of a pool below the castle wall where the moat used to encircle the castle. His body was so broken, but the spark of life still burned in him.

For months she nursed Gaston back to health. He would never run again, but he could walk with a limp. She was surprised at his devotion to Belle. He would murmur her name in his fever dreams, he would talk about her as they ate meals, and when she released him, he went out to save her. It was like her own devotion to Adam.

But her focus on healing Gaston had blinded her to the events of the town, and after she released Gaston to save Belle, she learned of Prince Adam’s death.

She mourned him for months, and she vowed to never love again. In time, the hatred she had hoped to heal in her beloved Adam ate away at her until there was nothing left of love or compassion.

Her hatred for the world increased until the grass wilted under her feet and the flowers wilted as she walked by.

She lived alone in the ever darkening wood, and she forgot her youthfulness. She walked for decades more as the corrupted, shriveled, and bitter witch through the forest until legends grew of the evil witch of the dark wood who lived forever.

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