Robert Whiting In search of awesome

The victor


The machine stopped spinning, and the notes that had covered the walls were gone. So was Maurice.

He stepped out of the machine and into a new life.

He hadn’t gone as far as he had hoped, the wrench that Maurice threw at him had distracted him from his adjustments. He had arrived in the late 1800s.

It took him some time to give up his purpose of stopping Maurice. For a time he distracted himself with learning the new culture and inventions of the time. The gold he brought with him lasted some time, because he was careful and not used to much luxury as a servant. He rented a small apartment down the street from the old castle.

One day, he sat in a cafe, and he overheard a story that a grandmother told her grandchildren about a persistent hunter who saved a girl from a terrible beast. After only a hundred years, they twisted the beautiful story of Adam and Belle.

It was then that he found his new purpose, and he wrote the story of Prince Adam: how a witch unfairly cursed an orphan prince, how he learned to love, how he defeated a self-absorbed hero, and how he lived happily ever after with the love who had saved him.

The story unburdened his soul and brought him more fame than he had imagined because he wrote with such conviction.

In time, he wrote more stories, tales of dragons and witches, fairies and giants, but none of them compared to his first novel: Beauty and the Beast.

Roux lost <= Death of Maurice => The end