Robert Whiting In search of awesome

The end


When Gaston returned to save Belle from the beast, he learned that the beast had become a man, and that the man had died. He learned that Maurice had died too, and he wept for them.

After a time, he comforted Belle, and she accepted his comfort. He was the only remaining relationship she had from her childhood.

She never recovered from the memories she had built with Prince Adam in the castle, and after a year, she returned to the cottage at the outskirts of town.

Gaston patiently cared for her, providing her with food and books to read, and after another year, they married. It was a small wedding in the meadow by the river. Their friends were few and shallow, and time sifted the true friends from acquaintances of convenience.

They lived simple lives in the cottage with arguments and compromises, difficult times and laughter. Together they raised eight children, and they died together in old age, surrounded by their children and grandchildren.

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