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Thought stream 20170328


I faced a couple frustrating and complicated problems at work yesterday that left me feeling less than competant. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to start working on my home coding project early enough in the evening to get a good two hours in–enough time to make significant leaps. OAuth should work in a couple days, and the base functionality for the tracker app will be done.

Additionally, I came to a conclusion on the morning bus that I’d like to put into words. I’m listening to Good to Great (Jim Collins) again and Jim recounted a conversation with Seth Godin that I will now butcher.

How do you make so much good content?

I don’t sensor myself because I don’t take the time or care what the masses think of me or my ideas.

I also listened to an episode on Mixergy about an Arabic woman who found her voice by giving persuasion classes online. The less she sensored herself, the more free she was to let her real audience find her. I should have written it down yesterday becasue it wouldn’t sound so scrambled, but I promise, my thoughts were clear.

And these are the actions that came out of the thought process:

  • Get back up to date
  • Configure the blog to accept email submittals
  • Send all stream of concienous and story emails directly to the blog
  • Ask Becca nicely to proof them before publishing

The world appears to lack much honesty and transparency these days. Those qualities may come under fire, but people also tend to flock to individuals that express these things. I already create unpolished, honest content, why not put it out there for others to read.

Who knows? I may learn from it.