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Thought stream 20170407


I have a lot of thoughts about the upgrades I get to add to my pokemon trainer character in my weekly Pokemon tabletop RPG. He is an ambitious, psychic, overconfident child, and he doesn’t mind bending the rules or finding the loopholes to win. Soon he will have to face off agains his “research partners” in league tournaments, so most of his tricks won’t work. Also, he only has two pokemon with any significant level. Everything else gets transfered to the PC for sale or trade later.

Our winter session is coming to a close, so I want to get a lot in before we wrap it up.

Coffee cart plans are going well. I met with Kyle from The District, and he was very helpful in giving me contacts and resources for research. With enough tenacity, I should be able to bootstrap a coffee bar at my church some time this year.

I need to code more at work. All these meetings drain me, even if they are valuable for the content and contribution. Which is why I’m here at 6:15 in the morning! More on the afternoon bus!

Laughter takes a large role in defining my team at work. Today, we talked over food, laughed over funny animal pictures, and brainstormed how to fix some of the difficult problems that our software has to face in the real world. It’s exactly the kind of team I want.

I still didn’t get much coding in today. Mostly researching solutions (read googling and reading articles all day until I collect enough nuggets of wisdom to solve my problem or determine that it is impossible with existing tools).

Pokemon upgrading went well though. It only took 10-15 minutes to talk through all the options and plan out my next 2-3 level-ups. That’ll save time for later.

Now time for more Danny Rocket. He’s fun.