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Thought Stream 20170413


Writing Danny Rocket is really fun, but I’m going to burn out if I start writing for a specific audience. I’m excited that people are starting to read & share it, but I don’t want to lose sight of why I started writing that particular story. The structure of the story is such that I can do whatever I want with the world and characters at any time–and only to be written for fun. It is my anti-writers block mechanism. If I’m not careful, it will become my only writing mechanism.

I wonder if there’s a way to automatically post to WattPad. I don’t really want to do all my own copy pasting. I’ll forget. Automagic things happen more automagically.

So this is a reminder that this is my blog where I will put a lot of random things. I’m fully aware of my own limits of will power, so if it’s something that I have to will myself to do, it won’t last more than a few months unless I can hook it into a regular habbit.

For example: I’m currently in the longest contiguous stretch of working out at a gym in my life. I could handle will-powering my way through a couple months of 2-3 times a week on a bunch of machines & freeweights, but then I’d get tired, not see results, etc and stop. My current workout fits really well into my weekly schedule, and there is almost no excuse that can convince even me to quit.

The Big Five Workout is a simple and extremely short workout that optimizes for overall health and strength for the minimal amount of time put in. I exercise for 10-15 minutes per week. Yes, you read correctly. For the full scientific study behind how it works look up Body by Science. I know people who really enjoy working out at a gym all the time, and this exercise is not for them. This is for people who really don’t like it but recognize the benefits enough to act.

Last night, I tried out Elder Scrolls Online for the first time. Let me start by saying that if Steam needs 8 hours to download and install it, I don’t expect an additional 20 min download when attempting to start the game. That aside, the player introduction to Tamriel workd out far better than I expected for an RPG turned MMO. I only played as far as finishing the tutorial, and my first concern upon landing in the Tamriel proper, was finding a dead character on the ground in town. It never occured to me that there would be PvP inside cities, especially in novice cities. I guess I assumed the Eve Online model for new player safety. I should look up the guidelines.

Earlier this week, I got 7 corny kegs on craigslist for $250! I’m so excited, with my existing kegs, that should take the majority of my 55 gal barrel of wine, and I can bottle the rest. I’m still not sure how I’m going to keep the wine cool all summer. The garage gets pretty hot around July, and I want to let it finish for another year before bottling. I guess that’s one advantage to keg?

Coffee bar. I got some great contacts and advice from a local coffee shop manager. There’s a ton of work and practice to be done before I can make forward progress there. April is now my most booked month of the year, so the coffee project may take a back seat until May.

What else? Vitamin suppliments aren’t making a 10x difference. Pokemon is on a break until the end of the month (then it’ll be on a break all summer). I’m turning 30 this month. Being a present father is alway a good way to spend time. We’ll need to figure out the garden soonish. Wine interviewing is at a standstill until I record my own and email some additional wineries. Team leading is still awesome, coming up on a year there. Learning Japanese is slow by myself from a book but better than nothing. Which reminds me, there’s an anime convention with some notable voice actors coming to Boise. I should look it up. I think I’d make an awesome One Punch Man. Easy costume, just need to shave my beard.

If this is the first “Thought Stream” you’ve read, now you know what they look like. Just a bunch of random thoughts that come to mind.