Robert Whiting In search of awesome

Thought stream 20170520


Jabbers is one of the best ideas anyone has come up with. Ever. It’s a play place for kids and a coffee shop / deli for adults. That’s where I am now. On one side of the room parents sit and chat with snacks and coffee occasionally looking over at the other side of the room, where all the children run in circles with screams and froathy grins.

Now that we’re saving up to enter the housing search, the contradicting idilic futures come to the forefront. On the one hand, we could buy a house closer to work, walk to the park, bike to downtown, and play suburbia. On the other hand, we could get land in the country, become self-sufficient, live near close friends, make wine, and play country living.

I’ve been pretty set on the suburbs recently, but every time we go out to visit our friends in the country, we’re really energized by the open spaces, beautiful views, and simplicity.

Especially if I could grow grapes to work toward owning a winery. These particular friends have an affinity for business, and it’s very possible that they could handle the legal and business stuff while I did the wine making, labor, and web. I do recognize that dreams tend to be more idilic than reality, but it would be really awesome to give my kids the freedom to run nextdoor to play with goats.

The suburbs option seems more attainable though.