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Thought Stream 20171105


It’s been too long since I wrote last. I finally got a habbit formed that I really enjoyed (writing on the bus) but destroyed it by getting a Prius. I really enjoy my ‘08 Prius, don’t get me wrong, it’s very comfy and fuel efficient. There are a few things that bother me, but the benefits definitely outweigh them. With regard to writing, it’s removed the need to take the bus, and I don’t think I could do this in audio form–

Motivation & Writing/Podcasting

Should I do a rambling podcast? If I got a decent mic, I could theoretically record my thoughts (focused or otherwise) on the way home. The downside is that I couldn’t edit as I go, so I’d have to edit somewhere before posting.

What I need to do is create a trigger in the evening (probably before or in place of gaming) to write for 30 minutes. That way I could continue the Danny Rocket story (and maybe the Memories story).

Additionally, I’d really like to start writing more about leadership. I’ve learned a lot about leadership in the last couple years. Some of it is built on my experiences in college and my various roles back in Iowa, but there are definitely different lessons for leadership in the software sphere. Not that I’m an expert, but I think I have some obvious things to repeat in new contexts and I need to externalize them to help them solidify in my own mind.


So, what am I brewing? I still have that barrel of wine that I need to rack and figure out what to do with.

I have a citrus cider again! Just kegged it up yesterday. I wanted more lemon, and I got it–maybe too much, so I added some spice to balance it out. We’ll see how the tasters react.

Building an army

I’ve noticed a pattern in several hobbies and ideas that keep coming back: homebrew, algae farm, beekeeping, mealworm farming.

They all require a lot of small organisms to multiply, self-organize, and produce something valueable. Homebrew is millions of bacteria converting sugars into unique flavor profiles and alcohol. Algae farming is the automation of millions of bacteria growing and multiplying for human consumption. The same goes for bees and mealworms.

There’s something really cool about having millions or billions of something working on something for you–especially if it’s actually marketable. I really should get one of the non-alcoholic ones functioning so that I can actually pull a profit. I’ve realized that I’m a very very long ways from ever selling my homebrew. I’ve come to terms with that.

Finding Purpose

I’d like to someday spend my time working on things that have global benefit as well as the joy of building something with a rockstar team. At this point, I think the things the world needs physically are food, water, and shelter. Water seems pretty well taken care of with the various water pump projects.

Food automation is going to cause problems in the future, and I think insect, algae, or yeast will help with solving that problem. Imagine if we could have pds deployed worldwide that could generate basic nutrients for anyone who needs them. Of course there would be maintenance and inputs, but I think we can solve those problems as we go. I’d like to be a part of that.

Shelter is already a problem in general, for refugees, and for disaster relief. It’d be neat to be a part of a distributed global shelter generation and deployment solution. Just imagine a dropship of bots that could assemble a city for those affected by a hurricane or a town in the desert for the refugees who have fled oppression. Coupled with food and water projects, the people would be free to use their skills to make it a home instead of a shelter. Self led, they could move into a self sufficient future.